We have created safe policies.

Health & Safety

—Our aims is to ensure that risk to personnel and equipment involved in the execution of the contract are identified, assessed and controlled to ALARP and that recovery measures are in place if otherwise. A system of incidents and accidents reporting will be implemented.

—1. Pre a- mobilization inspection shall be carried out on all equipment including hand tools to be deployed for the contract.

—2. We will adhere to company’s journey management procedure that will include testing and selection of drivers, route mapping to facilitate planning and tracking of crew movement, training on defensive driving course and daily journey hazard analysis.

Environmental Policy

—Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not properly collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and disposed off in an environmentally safe manner as not to cause injury/impact negatively on plants, animals and the environment.

—1. The environmental impact of each activity shall be routinely monitored and controlled and corrective action taken as necessary.

—2. All practical measures will be taken to minimize the generation of waste and to manage and dispose of unavoidable waste in an environmentally acceptable.
Construction wastes will be managed by segregating them in properly classified bins.

3. —All chemicals shall be transported, stored used and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. All chemicals will be accepted from a supplier with the appropriate MSDS.

4. In all proper precaution shall be taken to avoid pollution to air, land or water.
Dumping of waste into creek, rivers and swamps are not allowed

Quality Assurrance & Control

DM-ROW LIMITED as a police that its business will be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to:

  1. a) Plan, procure, inspect, test, documented the conduct of all activities and functions concerned with the attachment of quality.
  2. b) Not to sacrifice QUALITY in order to meet an unreasonable time schedule pr target.
  3. c) To supply accurate data and information for audit.
  4. d) To implement, operate and maintain a quality assurance system in compliance with requirement of BS. 5750 PIT ISO 9001 and other international codes.
  5. e) To fully implement Non conformance Report (NCR) and corrective Action Report (CAR) for close out.

f)  Adhere to our client’s quality standard in executing all projects.


The HSE activities of DM-ROW LIMITED shall be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to achieve the following:

1. Protect and promote the health of our work force and ensure their safety as well as that of members of the public.

2. Ensure the personal security of the workforce and that of the members of the public.

3. Avoid injury to any member of the workforce and others who are either involved in or are affected by DM-ROW LIMITED operations.

4. Protect the environment in which DM-ROW LIMITED operates from pollution and all forms of degradation.

5. Seek the co-operation, and involvement of all employees with a view to meeting the above objectives.


Despite our relatively short working history as a company, based on the rich practical, innovative and technical skills of our engineers and also our strong adherence and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have managed a long list of successful works during this period


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