DM-ROW Limited is a dynamic and visionary concept in service delivery in the oil and gas industry.

Since 2014, DM-ROW  has been a creating values for its clients. From procurement, to marine services and engineering.

DM-ROW is an indigenous company, with headquarters in Lagos Nigeria.


—Our vision is to be a leading indigenous firm in the oil and gas industry through quality and value oriented services to life.

Our Mission

DM-ROW LIMITED is committed to customers’ satisfaction in our services; we offer value for money, appropriate technology and commercial integrity ensuring that we are at forefront of technology. In responding to the continuing search for value for money, specialist services or managing the pressure of operations workload, our clients can rely on us for supportive and positive partnership.


he team is made up of high flyers with over 60 years combined experience in different sectors of the economy.

—DM-ROW LTD  also makes sure that its team is always abreast with the latest trend in technological advancements as well as issues pertaining to health and safety. In so doing, we offer professional developments to our staff. Though the entire staff strength is made up of individuals from varied fields other than engineering like accounting, marketing, administration and the likes, overall emphasis is laid on technological advancements.

Our Policy

—It is an established fact that the application of strict safety procedures is the only panacea to accident, injury to staff, loss of man-hours, risk to health or death. Our company in realization of the above dangers initiated and has continuously upheld the highest degree of commitment to safe working measures by staff and other persons dealing with us.

—In order to achieve our goal DM-ROW  management shall continue to accept both its legal and moral obligation towards its work force by creating a safe, secured and a healthy working environment as well as l defining accident prevention measures and training for all employees and the environment